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Commercial Exterior & Interior Cleaning

We use the industry’s best manufactured hot-water/steam cleaning pressure washing units with 250 degree heat capability for clean and sanitized surfaces.

  • We use water recycling tools for environmental compliance
  • We always use the industry’s best detergents for achieving the maximum amount of clean and sanitization for your area.
  • We have cost-effective, regularly scheduled service plans with reminder notices so that you don’t have any “surprise visits”.
  • We have crew leaders who fill out real-time digital reports for quality control purposes (including pictures).
  • We offer free demonstrations and customized maintenance plans.
  • We never sub-contract or work, so we have more quality control and have employees who take pride in their work!


Commercial  Driveway Cleaning

Getting professional pressure washing can help your property look amazing. Plus, it can also help the details of your home or business last longer since they are not caked with debris! Reach out to the pressure washing experts at Mr. Laguna Mobile Wash Services today, and find out just how many benefits come with having your property pressure washed. It can remove grime, help you see areas that may need repairs, and even extend the life of your deck, sidewalk, siding, brick, and more! Ensure that you turn to only those who know pressure washing inside and out so it does no damage to your home or business. Turn Mr. Laguna Mobile Wash Services today!

We provide a professional car park and forecourt cleaning service covering by using the most advanced pressure cleaning equipment available, we can clean and restore exterior surfaces to a standard that very few companies can match. We specialize in cleaning large areas quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption.

Our cleaning process will remove dirt, grime, tire marks, most oil stains, weeds, moss and algae. We can restore your car park to its former glory and original condition. We can clean and restore all types of exterior surfaces including block paving, tarmac, concrete, natural stone, resin bound gravel and wooden decking. After cleaning we can also apply sealants and treatments to protect surfaces and minimize future maintenance.

Having your external surfaces professionally cleaned is not only a cost effective way to dramatically improve the appearance and curb appeal of a building, it also makes surfaces safer for visitors and staff by completely removing dirt, moss and algae which can become slippery and dangerous in adverse conditions.

Our reputation as the number one car park and forecourt cleaning company in Orange County, has been achieved not only because of our excellent pricing, but also because of our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition. Our customers can expect a first rate service each and every time.

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